Serena: Bodacious Blonde

Heyyy so what do you think? You like my shoot? I was really anxious before I met the photographer but when I saw the house and him too I was more excited than ever. I brought everything I had in my wardrobe, but I realized it wouldve been good to bring some sporty stuff and maybe make a gym shoot like other girls do. Maybe I need to get more sexy dresses too. I live in a remote town where nothing much happens so I have to drive to Scottsdale for the clubs & stuff. I DO have a real job, I got my cosmetology licence, and do mostly eyelashes at my own studio. I wanted to do porn because I watch it myself and my friend did it too and had a great time with the website. I think I have a nice body and I’m working on making it look better with running and gym. I like masturbating but prefer having sex if I can find a decent partner. Not really into relationships and just want to have a good time for now. Because I dont have a boyfriend, I can be open to porn without someone holding me back. I use vibrators, but a lot of things were new to me on the shoot. Believe it or not I really didnt know exactly where my clit was. I also didn’t realize I could lick my nipples (at least my right one). I never used glass toys or dildos either. Once I got used to them they felt good like fucking the real thing. Probably my favorite was the lifelike dildo. I’d like to come back and shoot again if you will have me 🙂

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