Mazzy-III: A Very Sexy Return

I touched on singing already but didnt really get into it. I have known how to belt since age 8, when I did musical theature as a kid. I never really was taught nessesarily how to sing but as I grew up I slowly got better. I remember looking up to Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne a lot and base a lot of my style on a mixture of them both. I learned how to play violin because my mom forced me to so I could play with her and my sister but I hated it. Learned to love it after that, but orchestra was the most miserable class–ever. I taught myself to play guitar at 18 and played on the streets of Ann Arbor MI, Longbeach CA and Los Angeles CA. When I lived in Nashville I would go all over the countryside of Kentucky to play small gigs and made quite a few friends. Also while in Kentucky/Tennesee I began to learn how to play the drums and loved it! Sadly since I have left that area I haven’t had the chance to play them.

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