Kenna: Fun Being Frisky

I was born in New Mexico in 1994 and lived there for a very short period of time. When I turned one I moved to Texas and grew up in a super tiny town near the Mexican border. Once i was a freshman in highschool I moved to another small town in central texas and stayed there until I graduated 2 years early, then moved to a college town where i attended school for one year and joined a sorority. After getting out of my second terribly unhealthy relationship, I decided to hold off on schhool to save my GPA and work full time at a coffee shop and was also a nanny for two young children. After being at the coffee shop for two years and obtaining a managerial position, I decided that I needed a change and began taking online classes to become a personal fitness trainer. I completed the course within 9 weeks and finally was able to begin training clients! I was so happy to be able to help people to improve their lives and feel better, happier, and healthier every day. I got to do different types of training like circut training, general fitness, and kickboxing. All of which were a blast, and i got to meet wonderful people and make a lot of new friends, although I did get hit on by guys at the gym pretty frquently. Sometimes i would even get followed around the facility by certain members that just couldn’t quite take the hit that I was trying to be professional in my place of work, lol. I no longer work in a gym since i want to be able to travel as i please. However, i do still take on the occasional client and very much enjoy writing workout plans, that was always my favorite part.

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