Jessica Jay Initiation Pt2

Jessica has arrived at her studio and was there to gunge Lola again. As many people will know Jessica has gunged many models recently and takes great pleasure in doing so but whenever asked to have a go and embrace the gunk herself Jessica is found running off set to a safe point.0800 389 4033As it was close to Christmas and we had just filmed the last shoot of the day Jessica went off to get changed and assist in cleaning up the studio when Lola asked me to fill up the buckets as she had a surprise. Unbeknown to me Jessica had secretly agreed to go in the gunk, and let Lola gunk her, so what was I supposed to do… of course scooped up the gunk and got ready.The scene begins with Jessica sat in the gunk pool, nervous and anxious as to what this would be like all dressed in a basque and tights, her best we would later find out post shoot. Lola dressed in one of Jessica’s dresses is all giggly as she introduces the scene which is clearly going to be a revenge scene on behalf of all the models Jessica has gunked in the past.Lola first tips the blue gunk over Jessica chest first of all and quite quickly Jessica’s breasts are uncovered. Then it’s gunk over the head which Jessica found is a little cool oops forgot to warm then as more of the thick blue gunge pours over Jessica parts her legs and it appears she also is wearing no knickers.It soon becomes clear that Jessica maybe enjoying the revenge a bit to much. As much as Lola pours the gunk on Jessica she is rubbing the gunk all over her body. I’ll let you decide if she did enjoy it but savoury sessions and cake sitting are in the pipeline.Finally though one more act of revenge is took as Dj keeps booking sessions for models Jessica and Lola think he should cop for a quick gunking himself so Dj makes his way to the gunk pool and joins in the shenanigans he gets gunked and throws some gunk back at others.

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