Gabbie: Gifted Big Naturals

Yeah, I guess I could write about my breasts all day, but you might as well watch the videos instead. I turned 18 a few months ago, and this was a good start. I’ve always wanted to do something like this and when I took a selfie of myself and put it on reddit it got like 30,000+ views in a day. I know that my tattoos aren’t going to help my modeling but I like them. I’ll hold off on getting more for now. I bought a bunch of clothes for the shoot, got new bras and panties and stockings, packed as much as I could in a carry on suitcase and left Texas to visit Phoenix for the shoot. It was when I broke up with my boyfriend when I decided that I’d take that step and try porno, because he was moving to Colorado for college and I really didn’t want to travel there or be with him anymore. Long story but just not attracted to him at all now and he didn’t even care about my breasts. So I’m looking for a new guy who will enjoy them.

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