Carmen: The Pleasure Of Multiple Orgasms

HI, I’m Carmen, but thats not my real name but I cant let ppl know what my real name is my family doesnt know i’m shooting this and my dad would freak out for sure. I’m doing this because I want to try something new I don’t watch porn at all but the ftv place has many nice pictures and no fucking guys so its more interesting to me. I also broke up with a guy I was dating for 4 years and he totalled my car on valentines day and ghosted me and I cry about him everyday but I know I have to get over him. Ppl say he’s an asshole and I know I’ll have to move on. So this maybe will help me move on. I brought my friend with me who I wanted to shoot but she’s too shy about it so she just hung out with me on the weekend and was my support. She has really nice titties that I’m very jealous of. She also has a much better boyfriend, but he’s not really cute. I’m not sure if I like my bangs for the shoot so next morning i straightened it instead of putting it up. I really liked the big red vibrator its awesome and I wanted to take it home with me but the photographer wouldn’t let me. I’d fuck him, hes cute and I told him that. I’m excited that i was able to do the big toys and fist like the girls on the website but the fist really hurt like fuck. Toys and dicks are softer and better. Also I’m a cheerleader and I did some video of that but where we went the grass was wet and the land wasnt flat so I couldn’t do it perfectly. I want to come back again and do more with the photographer, it was fun.

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