Aurora-II: Tennis Playing Teen

I plan on going to a university to become a private investigator. Until I gain all the experience required to become one and not just any but a succcessful investigator, I will be painting and modeling and playing cello and teach art classes like I do. It’s a very flexible lifestyle, doing anything I want, but I believe structure comes when its needed most, that being without any influence of urge or unwillingness. As an artist, I think often about our connection to what’s most important to our hearts, because being a communicator of what we all see, there is a lot we don’t know about ourselves. Surpirising how the most important thing to us- what matters to our hearts- is what we tend to see the least, isn’t it? All while being observant, I feel it reasonable to see what your heart needs but not do anything about it. That would be me. Although my heart belongs the passion of art, animals, and music, I take the sacrifice to dig further and see what else could get just the bit more of the most that I could be. If you don’t take your limits with your risks and your doubts, you get lost in the wrong places. But being free regardless of the consequences of stepping over your limit or taking the biggest risk or underestimating your doubt, may as well be the most magical thing that you could do for yourself. Aside from being a free thinker, I do a lot of yoga. Wake up, do yoga. Eat lunch, do yoga. I play tennis ocassionally, but if there’s anything I do most it would be rollerskating. Now rollerskating is special to me, it’s my top one most used transportation method. I never get tired of the delightful surprised commments people make when I stop by a coffee shop or the retail store to get what I need and to just happen to be in rollerskates. As for other methods of transportation, I love to drive. I drive my dad’s Titan truck most of the time but I love to roll down my window with my border collie puppy dog on one side and a camel crush cigarette on the left, turn up whatever I feel is my jam and enjoy the air of wherever I am.

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