Tatiana’s Titillating Training

Tatiana’s Titillating Training

Tatiana's Titillating Training

“Guys never talk to my face,” explained Tatiana Blair. She’s cute and pretty and extremely sexy with the kind of boobs you’d be crazy over the second you saw them. “They never look at my face. It’s always about the boobs. All of the guys I’ve dated have been boob fanatics. Every last one of them. And even if they weren’t, they were after we were together.

“Every single guy I’ve dated has told me that I’ve been their biggest. I like it when they pay lots of attention to my boobs. I love Pinching and biting and stuff like that. Fucking my tits? Everyone wants to do it to me. It’s like giving kids new toys. They just want to play with them, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is so fun!’ It’s like they’re amazed and they can’t get enough.”

Tatiana is being instructed by a personal fitness trainer but her huge melons are not suited for jumping jacks so he has her try something easier. To help her do push-ups better, he gets under her chest so that her breasts can dangle in his face. Yeah, that’s a big help. For him.

The push-ups lead to nipple sucking and self-sucking, then to Tatiana giving him terrific deep throat sucking as her boobs hang and sway. Titty-fucking on her back is next on the training schedule. He spreads her legs wide and plunges into her tight pussy. The sectional mirrors provides more horny angles of the entire training session.

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