Julia Miles: The New Look

Julia Miles: The New Look

Julia Miles: The New Look

It’s difficult today to find a model who doesn’t have a tattoo. Some girls are covered in them. We see professional tattoos, we see tats that look more like skin rashes and we see tats that look like they were done by a 5-year-old kid.

Like it or not, or if you’re just neutral about tattoos, there’s no escaping this trend that has even become entrenched in mainstream popular culture. It’s difficult to understand because girls are constantly changing their hair, fingernail and toenail color, so why do they permanently ink their skin? We can’t answer that.

This photo shoot of Julia double-penetrating herself with two vibrators was produced in July, 2002. By now she had gotten into the tattoo world, going to fetish expos and spending time with people immersed in skin art. At least the giant dragon tat on Julia’s ass and part of her lower back was expertly and artfully done. Julia also acquired two pussy rings.

A SCORE reader named Richard took this new look hard and wrote, “My heart sank when I saw what looked like a massive tattoo over her lower back. Am I imagining things or did I see right? If she has done this, can you ask her why? I know it’s a free world and she can do as she wishes, but she also seems to want a continued adult career and that large tattoo makes things much more difficult.”

Our response was, “Don’t let the tat affect your enjoyment of Julia. Is it really that important? She didn’t use her breasts as a canvas. No one at SCORE sees it as harming her modeling career.”

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