I Want You To Fuck Me

Two sex toys is never enough, all greedy girls need sex toys I never leave the house without one in my handbag, I am always feeling randy and that is a wonderful feeling walking round the shops feeling my juices running looing at all those cocks in those guys trousers, having all those dirty thoughts, well yes you are right I need to go and relieve myself in the ladies toilet or I go back to where I have parked the car, I take down my panties stand there and fuck myself, having all those dirty thoughts running through my mind.If I am in the toilet I stand there panties around my ankles fucking my pussy until I cum, and yes I have had lots of funny looks when I come back out, or if I am in the car panties down seats reclined, and having dark windows you cannot see in, so I can lie back and fuck myself and make lots of noise until I cum, once I have cum I pull my panties back up, and carry on shopping the only thing is my panties are soaked in love juice, and if only the guys whom I pass knew that, oh what a tease that would be.Or I might even try sitting on a bench or in a coffee shop and spread my legs some, and show a guy or two those cum soaked panties, and watch the twitch in there trousers, I just love to tease a cock into a nice wank and jerk off, I love to watch a guy wanking and cumming for me.LoveMichelle xxxxxxxxxx –  (Video) 

Sugarbabe - I Want You To Fuck Me

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