I Think About Guys’ Butts When I Masturbate

I Think About Guys’ Butts When I Masturbate

I Think About Guys' Butts When I Masturbate

“Sometimes I think about making love to another girl,” says Jola.

“I will have fantasies at night about having sex with women. This hasn’t happened. I guess I am not lucky enough. Other times I daydream about sex with a man and a woman at the same time. I have never done this yet. The opportunity has not happened. Maybe one day it will.

“I would say I have sex three times a week. My favorite position is doggie. That is the best position for me to have deep penetration. I will ask my man to slap my ass hard, both cheeks. The feeling is so good.

“After I started modeling, I began to feel new erotic feelings within me and I had strange dreams of sex, of men and women’s naked bodies in bed. I will say that my erotic interests have grown more than I ever would have thought. It is like a new world has opened for me.”

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