Heather Hooters: May All Your School Girl Fantasies Cum True

Heather Hooters: May All Your School Girl Fantasies Cum True

Heather Hooters: May All Your School Girl Fantasies Cum True

Countless college co-eds stripped their way through school to pay the bills. Today, many girls just go on web-cams but we know the old ways are still the best. The pandemic of 2020 was a hammer blow to the strip club business but it’s slowly recovering.

“Heather Hooters: May All Your School Girl Fantasies Cum” was the headline of this photo set published in August 1996 SCORE. The co-ed theme was a natural for Heather with her looks and personality.

“Heather Hooters was a big star in the 1990s, before I came to SCORE,” remembered TSG editor, Dave. “Although I saw her in a club once–I think it was in Las Vegas or California–I never actually got to meet her. The one thing I remember about that time in the club is that guys lined up outside to see her.

“Inside the club, even the other dancers were watching her, which is something you don’t see too often. She was one of those girls who obviously took a lot of pride in her stage act. Her costumes were first-class, and she didn’t just strut around the stage. She danced.”

There was not one tattoo on Heather’s beautiful skin. No tramp stamps, tribal bands, slogans, cartoons or take-out menus. She knew better. That trend hadn’t started.

Heather’s years of stripping on the dance club circuit all over North America taught her how to entertain an audience. She was very comfortable on stage and interacting face-to-face with clubgoers. The number of instant photos of smiling Heather sitting on smiling club patron’s laps that are stored away in drawers and scrapbooks is incalculable.

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