Brooklyn Springvalley & The SCORE Photographer

Brooklyn Springvalley & The SCORE Photographer

Brooklyn Springvalley & The SCORE Photographer

How many of you wonder, “I’d rather be working as a SCORE photographer?

Let us explain. It’s not all high-life, jet-setting and black-tie parties.

The life of a professional SCORE photographer requires great discipline and courage. It’s a hard life. He must spend all day in the company of hot girls with big tits. They are naked almost all of the time. There is no getting out of this. He must photograph them with no time even for coffee since he often has to do technical work during break time.

These dedicated men have a new pussy and a new pair of tits a foot away from their faces every day. Can you imagine telling girls you never met before, and may never see again, to spread their pussies and the girls actually do it? And some girls will ask him if they’re doing it right, their eyes glowing with admiration and respect.

A well-known professional stud about town, Milan wanted to learn the art of men’s magazine photography. For his first assignment, he was paired with Brooklyn Springvalley. Unfortunately, our advice was quickly forgotten within seconds of the start of the shoot. Milan learned how extremely difficult it is to be a SCORE photographer. He only shot a few pictures before succumbing to Brooklyn’s seductive charms in record time. Using her skills in Boob-Fu, Brooklyn needed minimal power to push Milan onto the bed, depants him, take his dick down her throat, fuck him and urge him to shoot his nuts off on her huge hooters.

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