Annabelle’s Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle’s Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle's Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle Rogers’ baby doll nightie is perfect for sleeping. Or sex. Or taking photos and making videos.

Annabelle faces the challenge very large-breasted women have, and that’s finding outfits that fit properly and give her the look she wants.

“A large shirt will look like a maternity shirt on me,” said Annabelle. “It’s hard finding shirts that fit.”

The great bust-star Daphne Rosen talked about this during one of her visits.

“There’s a little secret that I’ll let you in on called the tent effect,” Daphne explained. “It becomes an issue with women who have large breasts and a small waist. The boobs hold the shirt out, and the shirt goes straight down. It makes the boobs look smaller and the waist look bigger.”

Annabelle loves fantasy role-play and making videos of those fantasies. She’s had sex in public a couple of times.

“I do like under-the-table fondling. One time at a birthday party, with friends and family around, I took a guy’s cock out of his pants and jacked him off gently and got him off. No one saw us or said anything, and then later, we went behind the couch, I gave him a blow job while everyone was on the other side of the room doing birthday party stuff. It was really exciting.”

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