Anastasia Doll: Bubbles, Boobs & Beyond

Anastasia Doll: Bubbles, Boobs & Beyond

Anastasia Doll: Bubbles, Boobs & Beyond

Sexy dolls and sexy showers go together. We’re not claiming that every shower or bath Anastasia Doll takes is like a SCORELAND scene, but in our heads, they are.

SCORELAND: Are you recognized often when you are in public?

Anastasia Doll: Yes! But always in a very positive way. People are always very nice with me when they recognize me. I really appreciate it.

SCORELAND: Even if they don’t know your name, they know you’re special. What is something you have tried but will never do again?

Anastasia Doll: I tried a creampie but I didn’t like it so much and I will never do it again, I think.

SCORELAND: Do you watch adult videos at home? If you do, what kind do you like?

Anastasia Doll: Yes, of course! I love porn. I started watching porn very, very young. What I like to watch the most are Lesbian scenes and also domina scenes.

SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite musicians or singers?

Anastasia Doll: I like Marilyn Manson a lot. I’m a fan of his. In another genre, I like Drake.

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